Calendula Oil

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Calendula Oil

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The flowers of Calendula are used to obtain this absolute oil.It is also identified by the various names which include Pot marigold, Gold-Bloom and Zergul. The word “marigold” denotes to the Virgin Mary. It is a perennial plant which belongs to the Asteraceae family.

It is world famous for its wonderful therapeutic properties which are extensively used for healing the numerous health ailments. This absolute oil blends well with other essential oils and used for various purposes. It is easily soluble in alcohol but insoluble in water.

Buy 100 percent pure Calendula Absolute Oil from us at a realistic price.

Our Calendula Absolute Oil is also known as organic Calendula Absolute Oil.

The above information about Calendula Absolute Oil is true according to our knowledge but we don't claim it to be hundred percent true or correct. So, consult your doctor before using this absolute oil.

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